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Information About DSC, Ademco, G.E. Wired And Wireless Security Alarm Systems.

Hopefully this will Assist you in making the right choice for your Burglar Security Alarm System. We offer 24/7 security alarm monitoring St. Louis, St. Charles, O'Fallon, Missouri, Home Security in Missouri.

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DSC, Ademco and GE Hardwire Security Alarm Systems Saint Louis and More

Hardwired and wireless alarm systems are different set-ups, but both serve the same purpose and that is to secure your home from intrusion. Still, there has long been debate over which set-up is better. Well, both have their strong suits and both have their weak ones, but it all really boils down to a matter of preference and opinion. Never-the-less both can be monitored by monitoring companies in just the same way. With a hardwire type of system the motion detectors, window, and door contacts are all wired directly to the central control panel, some say, eliminating the possibility of false alarms.

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Furthermore, if you are building a house and you want to install a security alarm system, the overall consensus is to have it hardwired, no question. This way, the system becomes a permanent fixture within the home’s construction, therefore adding long term value. Others will say, regardless of a new home or not, hardwire is the way to go. That’s because hardwire systems have a direct connect design compared to a frequency based design like wireless. Another point to make about hardwire is that indeed their control panel is separate from the keypad and the siren, whereas in the wireless system it is an all-in-one device. If a burglar breaks in and the alarm goes off and he goes to rip the control panel of a wireless device off the wall he also pulls out the control panel, siren, and dialer. For hardwire the components are separate, therefore to deactivate such a system would take much longer. Yes, the hardwire system will take longer to install, but in the long run there will not be as many parts to replace or batteries to change out.

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