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Crime Map for St. Louis Missouri.
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Crime report for St. Louis
According to Morgan Quitno's "America's safest/most dangerous cities" report,[1] St.
Louis City has ranked among nation's worst three in per capita crime - 3rd in 2000, 3rd
in 2001, 1st in 2002, 2nd in 2003, 3rd in 2004, 3rd in 2005, and 1st again in 2006. [2] In
2008-09, St. Louis (1/8th of the entire metropolitan area) dropped to 4th.[2] In the 2009
Forbes list of America's Most Dangerous Cities, St. Louis is not listed in the 15 worst
metro areas for crime.[3]
Incident: Homicide

Location: 8900 block of Newby

Date/Time: 11/10/09@3:50pm

Victim: Cory Colbert, 16 year old Black male of the 8900 block of Newby

Suspect: Unknown

Police received a call for a shooting, with the victim laying in an alley. When police and

EMS arrived the victim was determined to have been shot once in the head. He was

taken to a hospital where he was listed in critical condition. The initial investigation did

not locate any witnesses to the shooting so the circumstances of the shooting are

unknown, however the investigation is ongoing. On 11/11/09, the victim died as a result

of his injuries and the incident was re-classified as a homicide.
Home Burglary Caught on Tape click to view video
KSDK -- Vaniese Pickett says she worked years to buy her first home in Berkeley.

"Loved it, loved the neighborhood, real quite," says Pickett. "Then all of a sudden things
started happening."

Nine times in the last four years, Pickett says would-be thieves tried, often successfully,
to break into her home.

"Someone tried to kick in the front door while I was taking a shower, someone kicked in
my side door while I wasn't home. And it's just gone on and on and on," she says.

Pickett says she's afraid to let her eight-year-old son play outside, despite watchful
neighbors and despite her alarm system.

"I've called the police," says Pickett, "but they said there was nothing they could do."

Pickett decided she would give police more evidence. She installed security cameras in
her home, which caught three young men in the act. The three suspects appeared to be
teenagers. At first they seemed scared off by the cameras, but then return to kick in the
door and ransack Pickett's house.

She has turned over the tape and voiced her frustration to police.

"There has to be more that [the police] can do to solve this problem," says Pickett.

Berkeley Police Chief Col. Frank McCall Jr. says he is frustrated by the break-ins, too.
He says his department is able to make arrests in about half of all burglary cases. But
burglaries are up, he says, not just in his city but throughout the area.

"It is something we have to adapt to and deal with it and we will that's our job," McCall

But Pickett says it will be too late, because her first home, she says, isn't worth the cost.

"It's time for us to go," says Pickett. "I'll get an apartment somewhere."

As of Wednesday afternoon, Chief McCall says his department had identified one of the
suspects in the video and was searching for him.

The Chief also says the City has new curfews that he hopes will help cut down on crime
A Lake St. Louis convenience store is on high alert this New Year's. The Mobil Crown
Mart at Veterans heads at what they discovered inside a getaway car.

The first incident happened Sunday morning around 11:30- a gunman wearing a wig, a
bandana, and a baseball cap robbed the gas station and convenience store.  Then
about 2:45 Monday morning while the business was closed, two other people broke
through the front glass door with baseball bats. They made off with beer and other
items. Both crimes were caught on surveillance tape.

"I turn around and there's a gun in my face," said the 28 year old clerk who was held up
at gunpoint.

He didn't want to be identified but remembered what the robber said to him.

"Just give me the money, holmes, that's it. Hurry up, he kept repeating hurry up,"
explained the clerk, who has only worked at the store for a couple of months.

Authorities arrested two men just minutes after the armed robbery.  Lake St. Louis police
identify them as 28 year old Eric Grayer- the alleged gunman- and 25 year old Timothy
Huggins. Police say Huggins was waiting outside in a getaway car.  

Cops say an alert citizen got a license plate along with descriptions of the suspects and
the car. Police spotted them heading east on I-70. When they pulled them over, a 21
month old baby boy was found in the car near the gun allegedly used in the robbery.

"How reckless can you be. The weapon was in close proximity to the child. That's
unforgivable in my mind," said Lake St. Louis Police Chief Mike Force.

Clerks at the store are now a little uneasy behind the counter. In fact, we're told clerks
are working at least in pairs in the wake of the crimes.

Clerk Lisa Wimberly told us, "It's a little scary. It doesn't happen very often here. But for
it (to happen) twice in a day, pretty scary yeah."

The clerk who had a gun pointed at him is still struggling to cope with what happened.

"I think about it and the only thing I see is that gun...Yeah, I feel lucky to be alive," said
the clerk, a lake St. Louis resident.

The armed robbery suspects- both from Warrenton- are charged with robbery first,
armed criminal action and felony endangering the welfare of a child.

Police have no suspects in the overnight break-in and do not believe the two incidents
are related.
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