Benefits of a DSC Burglar Security Alarm and Monitoring St. Louis

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Benefits of a DSC Burglar Security Alarm and Monitoring

Whether you own a business or you are a homeowner, nothing beats having peace of mind. With high crime rate these days no wonder more and more homes and businesses are using DSC burglar security alarms and 24 hour monitoring systems. Security and monitoring systems usually compose of security cameras, a recording device or a receiver, a video monitor, alarm systems, door locks and window locks, sensors and security lights. There may be more components that a homeowner or a business owner may add like home automated systems, security panels and fire and safety systems that can further increase your peace of mind. Complete monitoring and security systems could be very costly however, total peace of mind is priceless along with other benefits that these systems offer:
In a home
1. The family can concentrate on more important things in life rather than worrying about their safety and security all the time. But of course every homeowner should place his family’s safety at the utmost but having to deal with securing your loved ones could strain family relationships as well as the family’s finances.
2. The family can enjoy their life more as well as their freedom when they have security and monitoring systems installed. Family members should feel safe and protected within their own home but at the same time they can enjoy the things that they love to do like indulge in hobbies and various worthwhile activities at home.
3. When there is peace of mind at home, children will grow up to be confident and able to tackle even the most difficult tasks and problems head on. Children will likely follow their parents or guardian’s footsteps and take measures protecting themselves and their property as well. Kids learn by example and if parents show their love and concern for the family and their home so much, their kids will do this in the long run.
In a business
1. DSC Burglar alarms and security alarms provide total peace of mind to business owners and when there is peace of mind, business owners will be able to focus on other important things for their business like promotion of their products, marketing their services, monitoring the competition and improving their brand image. Having security is also one of the utmost important components in a business and this is why business owners are recommended to use complete security and surveillance systems.
2. When there is peace of mind in a business, employees will improve their productivity and improve business revenue twofold. Employees will be likely more focused on their work since their safety and security is taken care of by business management.
3. Peace of mind upon using reliable security and monitoring systems in a business will also improve investor relations. Business partners and investors are likely to consider businesses that are keen on security and safety; business owners will be able to improve their business, increase their revenue and gain financial stability and freedom when reliable security alarm and monitoring systems are used.

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Saint Charles Offering Grants For Surveillance Security Cameras on Main

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With the increase in crime rate, a lot of people do not feel comfortable anymore in relying solely in the protection that the government and its entities can provide them. With the different advancements in technology that is happening, you do not have any reason anymore to just overlook the need for additional security whether at your home or business. Having security cameras and security alarms installed will definitely help you feel better about leaving your home or sleeping soundly at night without the fear that someone whom you don’t know may enter your home or business.

In St. Charles Missouri, the residents in the area are being offered free grants for cctv surveillance security cameras. This is one way of protecting the residents from crimes. Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring are also being conducted in the area with hopes of eliminating the crime or if not, at least lower down its rate. DSC is known as the most trusted company who manufactures alarm systems and security cameras in different areas in the state of Missouri.

With the installation of alarm system at your home and posting signage on your windows and doors stating that your home is being monitored by an alarm system, you are less likely to become a target of burglars who usually attacks in times when no one is at home. Burglary is often associated with violence and this is something that we would like to totally avoid. If you want to protect your family from these incidents, you may want to take into consideration installing a security system for your home which will safeguard not just your valuables at home but most of all your precious family.

Most people often disregard the importance of having additional security at their homes, they would only think about how important they really are once something has already happened to them or in a nearby house within the neighbourhood. When these burglars know that you are just complacent, you are more likely to become one of their victims.

A normal setup of having an alarm system at home includes a fire detection system, and an additional protection from burglary. There are also other systems which include remote assistance together with medical assistance which are intended for those instances when you may be away from home or you need help. Making sure that all the windows and doors at your home are locked regardless if you’re around will help in keeping you safe. In case that you are using sliding windows and doors that are made of glass, it will be wise if you will have bars installed on them in order to aid in blocking the doors that are closed.

Having a peephole installed in your door will also be a big help so that you will get to see who is at your door. The best resolution however, is to install security cameras at all points of entry at your home and have them monitored by the best security company in the area.

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Surveillance Cameras Saint Louis and Saint Charles

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Are you a do it yourself installer for security cameras? I would like to discuss the things you should consider.

Are you thinking of installing your own Wireless cctv security cameras?

1. Please remember you have to power this camera even if you go with a wireless CCTV. This can be powered close to the camera and save you from running this all the way back to the DVR. If you don’t have a 110vac close to the position of the cameras, you might as well run a wired camera and run the coaxial and the 18/2 power cable all the way back to the digital video recorder. In my opinion of installing electronics for over 20 years wired cameras work better and less maintenance. If you live in the St. Louis/ St. Charles area you can purchase from our online store and we can provide you with some tech support for free.

Are you thinking of installing your own hard wired surveillance system?

2. Now we are on the same page. I love hard wired systems that are ran with a Siamese cable. This is a full all cooper coaxial with an 18/2 power wire. That is correct 2 separate wires connected together for ease of installing. Please think of how many cameras you need or want or can afford. The dvr is the $ ? mark because you will need to know how many channels you need. Always over size this because this will give you room to expand in the future. If you buy a Sams or Costco system will will get what you pay for. Tech support not very good. The quality of equipment is like shopping at like Aldi vers Schnucks. No brands can cause more trouble in the end. A great saying for this is: Spend $100.00 to save $5.00. I have tried this myself and it is not worth it. When you are trying to catch employees stealing, or need a piece of mind for you and your family and or your work place.  Most surveillance CCTV security cameras run on 12vdc or 24vac.

Are you thinking of Solar powered security cameras?

3. While solar powered are great for construction site, for a home or farm not really worth the cost. A normal one camera system would cost about 10k. You have to account how many batteries and electronics this system would require. The labor a lone is very costly.

What brand od security camera are you thinking of buying?

4. Bosch, Axis, Pelco, Geovision, Speco, Linear, Honeywell. This is only a few security camera manufactures. I would suggest researching the warranties, find reviews on line of the surveillance camera. Ask companies or installers that have installed many different brands of security. While more people are reading into the CCTV thing there are many things to consider. Out of all the DVR’s I really like the Geovision because the dvr can be repaired really easy like changing a hard drive on a computer. Most other brands have to be sent back to the factory to be fixed. Also with Geovision this dvr can be upgraded to more channels almost by anyone.

How much money can you save by installing the CCTV yourself?

5. In most cases you don’t hardly save because a company like Eye Spy Electronics buy’s some much equipment we get a below average price when we buy. When you have to buy retail in the end you might save $100.00 and by the time you count your time in installing if you don’t mess something up, that could get real expensive. Remember with 12 volt DC the polarity does matter. If you hook this up wrong you could fry your new cameras that you paid for and warranty will not cover this mistake.

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DSC Power Series Alarm Panels for Commercial and Residential Saint Charles MO

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DSC is one of the most reputable companies when it comes to providing security alarm systems to either your home or business. Security should be your top priority all the time and in order for you to ensure that your family and business are being taken care of, you should get the service from a company that you can trust your life with.

DSC offers a wide variety of products and services that you can choose from according to your needs. Aside from the panels, keypads and security cameras that they offer, you can also get the assurance that they have a 24/7 alarm monitoring in St. Louis/St. Charles, Missouri. Due to the fact that the government in St. Charles want to ensure the safety of the people in their area, they are offering a grant for the installation of security cameras in the area.

You can choose from any of their products which is a wide variation of security alarms and systems that can help in ensuring your safety which has always been the number one concern of everyone. Here are some of their products and their descriptions:

PowerSeries Control Panel PC1864

This model uses an 8-onboard zones and can be expanded to a maximum of 64 zones that are hardwired and 64 zones that are wireless. It uses a 4 PGM outputs that is expandable up to 14 and includes a template programming. It has the capability of connecting a maximum of 8 keypads that are supervised including keypad zones. It has a total of 8 partitions and contains 500-event buffers. It can produce a maximum of 95 user codes which can be distributed to each employee in the business and will allow the owner to record the people who are coming in and out of the office. This model is CP-01 compliant. There is another version which was released for regions in North America which has additional features which include a process for enrolling wireless device that is compatible with C24 Interactive. It also includes 64-support for wireless zone together with the RFK5564 which is keypad only.

PowerSeries 4-32 Zone Control Panel PC585

The PC585 uses 4-onboard zones and uses up to 32 wireless zones. It uses 2 PGM outputs and has the ability of connecting a maximum of 8 supervised keypads that include keypad zones with it. It has only one partition and contains 128 event buffers. You can generate up to 32 user codes with this model.

PC1404 – Four Zone Panel

This model uses 4-onboard zones that can be expanded up to 8. It can support a maximum of 4 keypads which includes the PC1404RKZ keypad which has just been released recently. It can support a maximum of 4 phone numbers and uses a single partition. It includes a zone configuration that is flexible which consists of 11 zones attributes that can be programmed and 29 different zone types. It also has the ability of supporting 2 or 4 wired smoke detectors. This model is compliant on the SIA CP01 2010 edition.

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4 Reasons for Installing Security Cameras in Commercial and Residential Properties in the St. Louis area!

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Owning a home and business in St. Louis  is not something which is easy to achieve. Therefore, it is essential that you take the necessary steps to guarantee the security of your residential and commercial premises from both internal and external security threats.

Security surveillance cameras are the best security systems to install in your home and business as they not only enable you to monitor the events in your home and establishment in real-time, but deter criminal activities.

Then again, there are numerous other benefits that you stand to gain by opting to install surveillance cameras. Discussed herein, are 4 reasons why you need to consider installing security cameras in commercial and residential properties.

1.      Safeguard Your Staff and Family

Burglary is not the only security threat that your business and family faces. Furthermore, the installation of CCTV cameras is not only designed to protect physical assets. When operating a business, your first priority is the security of your employees and clients visiting the premises. Note that customers are more likely to visit a business premise that is secure compared to one that faces constant security threats. Employee turnover can also be high if your business is constantly being threatened by robbers.

Installing security cameras within and around your business premise gives your personnel and customers a sense of security. Then again, installation of security cameras aid in legally safeguarding your employees and customers. For example, if one of your staff members is accused of sexual harassment or assault, then you can refer to the footage recorded by the security cameras.

Installing security cameras in your home also helps to protect your family. Burglars are less likely to break into a home that is fitted with surveillance cameras. After all, nobody likes being caught doing illegal acts. On the other hand, if you have a babysitter, then you can know if he/she is mistreating your child.

2.       Legal Protection

Unknown to most business and home owners is that installation of security cameras can help in protecting them legally. For example, if someone accuses you of negligence in a slip and fall accident, you can refer to the footage to exonerate yourself. Lawsuits can be expensive and damaging. Therefore, you need to take the necessary steps to protect yourself especially if your business experiences high traffic.

3.       Helps to Secure Your Neighborhood

Installing CCTV cameras is not only beneficial for your commercial and residential property but the entire neighborhood. Cameras installed outside retail stores and houses have helped in the arrests of criminals. While your house or business premise might not be a target, your neighbor’s property may be under threat. The footage from your surveillance camera can help the police to arrest suspects who might have been involved in the break-in of your neighbor’s property.

4.       Increase Your Business Output

The instant your staff knows that they are under surveillance, they will be able to work to their best. Moreover, incidences such as workplace theft can be reduced by simply installing security cameras.

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Benefits of Installing Surveillance Security Cameras in Your Home

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Odds are that your home is one of the most expensive investments that you have ever made. Therefore, it makes sense if you want to protect it from internal and external security threats. While there are several methods which you can use to protect your home, for example, installation of a burglar alarm system and hiring of security guards, installing CCTV security cameras provides you with numerous benefits.

The following are some of the advantages that you stand to gain by installing security surveillance cameras in your home:

  1. 1.       Real-Time Monitoring

Thanks to improved technology, you can now install a surveillance security camera like 3G Cameras that allow you to monitor your home in real-time from your smartphone. Depending on the security settings, you will be alerted whenever there are movements in or around your home thereby enabling you to alert the police. Therefore, if you have to travel for business or vacation, you do not have to ask your neighbor to keep an eye on your home since you can do it from your smartphone.

  1. 2.       Keep an Eye on Your Children

During the week, most parents are not home on time to receive their kids from school. As such, many parents prefer hiring babysitters so that their children can be taken care of in their absence. Unfortunately, not all babysitters are of good characters. Installing a hidden or spy camera in your home will enable you to determine if the baby sitter is treating your children well. On the other hand, spy cameras can help you to keep an eye on your children when you are not around.

  1. 3.       Prevent Possible Home Break-In St. Louis

During the day, burglars walk around different neighborhoods surveying homes which they can easily break into. The most vulnerable homes are those that do not have any kind of security system. It is for this reason that you need to consider installing security cameras in the most vulnerable areas of your home so as to help deter possible criminal activities.

  1. 4.       Help During Criminal Proceedings St. Charles/ St. Louis

Still, there are burglars who will still break into a home regardless of seeing a security camera. During such instances, footage from the CCTV camera can help bring to book those who were responsible for the break-in. Without security footage, police may find it extremely difficult to identify the people who broke into your home.

  1. 5.       Enhance the Security in Your Neighborhood St. Louis/ St. Charles

The footage from your surveillance camera can also help in the arrest of criminals who might have broken into your neighbor’s home. There are several instances where police have been able to make arrests by simply making use of footage from a neighboring property.

  1. 6.       Increase the Value of Your Home St. Louis

Installing security cameras also helps in increasing the general value of your home. Prospective buyers are more likely to be attracted to a property that has CCTV cameras since it saves them from the hassles of installing one after purchasing the property.

Prior to installing security cameras in your home, you need to first of all determine if the security company you have hired is reputable.

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