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What are Pan, Tilt and Zoom Camera Options?

In looking for a suitable surveillance security camera for your home or business i ST. louis or Saint Charles MO, you may encounter features like pan, tilt and zoom. What are these features for? How are these features important in your choice for the ideal surveillance security camera unit?

Pan or panning feature is the ability of the camera unit to move from left to right; this is done through a remote control system or automatically set up using a timer feature in the surveillance system. A camera with panning features improves its ability to monitor the area or the perimeter since it can move from left to right maximizing the safety of the user. There are so many surveillance camera systems with panning options; if you think that this feature will greatly improve your security and safety then make this as one of the most important features in your list.

Tilt or tilting feature is the camera’s ability to move or focus from different angles; just like panning, tilting is controlled remotely through the camera’s system. A camera with tilting features also improves the user’s ability to monitor his area or perimeter. With this feature you may remotely focus your camera to a particular spot to closely monitor a subject. Tilting features are often combined with panning and zooming features to provide the best camera for outdoor or indoor use.

Zooming features on the other hand are features that allow you to focus the camera on a particular subject for how many times. Zoom may be done while the camera is in the process of recording or monitoring an area while you may also zoom recorded video as well. Surveillance cameras differ in zoom capabilities and generally, more powerful and high tech cameras have more powerful zoom features compared to least expensive ones. Zooming enhances the user’s ability to monitor his surroundings since he can zoom and focus on specific subjects and elements in the video. Most zooming features are combined with auto focus features to completely enhance the video monitoring capabilities of a camera system.

Other features that offer convenience to users are night vision, more channel options, the use of different camera sensors and auto adjust functions. Night vision allows users to record even in minimal light or during night time; surveillance camera systems have different night vision ranges. Channel outputs may also differ from one camera surveillance system to another while camera sensors may either be CMOS sensors or ore high-powered camera sensors.

Buying a camera surveillance system for the first time may be a difficult ordeal for someone who has never bought a system before. The best thing that a beginner can do do is to compare camera units before making a final purchase. Pan, tilt and zoom features are the most common features that are expected from a suitable surveillance camera however a homeowner or a business owner should be able to look beyond these features to find the most efficient camera system for their home or business.  

These type of surveillance cameras cost more than the normal none moving camera but the different options this camera gives you is awesome. We installed some of these for an automobile dealer and you could zoom to the highway and read license plates and see faces real clear. This all depends on the budget you have to spend and what features you are looking for.

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