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Are you a do it yourself installer for security cameras? I would like to discuss the things you should consider.

Are you thinking of installing your own Wireless cctv security cameras?

1. Please remember you have to power this camera even if you go with a wireless CCTV. This can be powered close to the camera and save you from running this all the way back to the DVR. If you don’t have a 110vac close to the position of the cameras, you might as well run a wired camera and run the coaxial and the 18/2 power cable all the way back to the digital video recorder. In my opinion of installing electronics for over 20 years wired cameras work better and less maintenance. If you live in the St. Louis/ St. Charles area you can purchase from our online store and we can provide you with some tech support for free.

Are you thinking of installing your own hard wired surveillance system?

2. Now we are on the same page. I love hard wired systems that are ran with a Siamese cable. This is a full all cooper coaxial with an 18/2 power wire. That is correct 2 separate wires connected together for ease of installing. Please think of how many cameras you need or want or can afford. The dvr is the $ ? mark because you will need to know how many channels you need. Always over size this because this will give you room to expand in the future. If you buy a Sams or Costco system will will get what you pay for. Tech support not very good. The quality of equipment is like shopping at like Aldi vers Schnucks. No brands can cause more trouble in the end. A great saying for this is: Spend $100.00 to save $5.00. I have tried this myself and it is not worth it. When you are trying to catch employees stealing, or need a piece of mind for you and your family and or your work place.  Most surveillance CCTV security cameras run on 12vdc or 24vac.

Are you thinking of Solar powered security cameras?

3. While solar powered are great for construction site, for a home or farm not really worth the cost. A normal one camera system would cost about 10k. You have to account how many batteries and electronics this system would require. The labor a lone is very costly.

What brand od security camera are you thinking of buying?

4. Bosch, Axis, Pelco, Geovision, Speco, Linear, Honeywell. This is only a few security camera manufactures. I would suggest researching the warranties, find reviews on line of the surveillance camera. Ask companies or installers that have installed many different brands of security. While more people are reading into the CCTV thing there are many things to consider. Out of all the DVR’s I really like the Geovision because the dvr can be repaired really easy like changing a hard drive on a computer. Most other brands have to be sent back to the factory to be fixed. Also with Geovision this dvr can be upgraded to more channels almost by anyone.

How much money can you save by installing the CCTV yourself?

5. In most cases you don’t hardly save because a company like Eye Spy Electronics buy’s some much equipment we get a below average price when we buy. When you have to buy retail in the end you might save $100.00 and by the time you count your time in installing if you don’t mess something up, that could get real expensive. Remember with 12 volt DC the polarity does matter. If you hook this up wrong you could fry your new cameras that you paid for and warranty will not cover this mistake.

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