DSC Power Series Alarm Panels for Commercial and Residential Saint Charles MO

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DSC is one of the most reputable companies when it comes to providing security alarm systems to either your home or business. Security should be your top priority all the time and in order for you to ensure that your family and business are being taken care of, you should get the service from a company that you can trust your life with.

DSC offers a wide variety of products and services that you can choose from according to your needs. Aside from the panels, keypads and security cameras that they offer, you can also get the assurance that they have a 24/7 alarm monitoring in St. Louis/St. Charles, Missouri. Due to the fact that the government in St. Charles want to ensure the safety of the people in their area, they are offering a grant for the installation of security cameras in the area.

You can choose from any of their products which is a wide variation of security alarms and systems that can help in ensuring your safety which has always been the number one concern of everyone. Here are some of their products and their descriptions:

PowerSeries Control Panel PC1864

This model uses an 8-onboard zones and can be expanded to a maximum of 64 zones that are hardwired and 64 zones that are wireless. It uses a 4 PGM outputs that is expandable up to 14 and includes a template programming. It has the capability of connecting a maximum of 8 keypads that are supervised including keypad zones. It has a total of 8 partitions and contains 500-event buffers. It can produce a maximum of 95 user codes which can be distributed to each employee in the business and will allow the owner to record the people who are coming in and out of the office. This model is CP-01 compliant. There is another version which was released for regions in North America which has additional features which include a process for enrolling wireless device that is compatible with C24 Interactive. It also includes 64-support for wireless zone together with the RFK5564 which is keypad only.

PowerSeries 4-32 Zone Control Panel PC585

The PC585 uses 4-onboard zones and uses up to 32 wireless zones. It uses 2 PGM outputs and has the ability of connecting a maximum of 8 supervised keypads that include keypad zones with it. It has only one partition and contains 128 event buffers. You can generate up to 32 user codes with this model.

PC1404 – Four Zone Panel

This model uses 4-onboard zones that can be expanded up to 8. It can support a maximum of 4 keypads which includes the PC1404RKZ keypad which has just been released recently. It can support a maximum of 4 phone numbers and uses a single partition. It includes a zone configuration that is flexible which consists of 11 zones attributes that can be programmed and 29 different zone types. It also has the ability of supporting 2 or 4 wired smoke detectors. This model is compliant on the SIA CP01 2010 edition.

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