4 Reasons for Installing Security Cameras in Commercial and Residential Properties in the St. Louis area!

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Owning a home and business in St. Louis  is not something which is easy to achieve. Therefore, it is essential that you take the necessary steps to guarantee the security of your residential and commercial premises from both internal and external security threats.

Security surveillance cameras are the best security systems to install in your home and business as they not only enable you to monitor the events in your home and establishment in real-time, but deter criminal activities.

Then again, there are numerous other benefits that you stand to gain by opting to install surveillance cameras. Discussed herein, are 4 reasons why you need to consider installing security cameras in commercial and residential properties.

1.      Safeguard Your Staff and Family

Burglary is not the only security threat that your business and family faces. Furthermore, the installation of CCTV cameras is not only designed to protect physical assets. When operating a business, your first priority is the security of your employees and clients visiting the premises. Note that customers are more likely to visit a business premise that is secure compared to one that faces constant security threats. Employee turnover can also be high if your business is constantly being threatened by robbers.

Installing security cameras within and around your business premise gives your personnel and customers a sense of security. Then again, installation of security cameras aid in legally safeguarding your employees and customers. For example, if one of your staff members is accused of sexual harassment or assault, then you can refer to the footage recorded by the security cameras.

Installing security cameras in your home also helps to protect your family. Burglars are less likely to break into a home that is fitted with surveillance cameras. After all, nobody likes being caught doing illegal acts. On the other hand, if you have a babysitter, then you can know if he/she is mistreating your child.

2.       Legal Protection

Unknown to most business and home owners is that installation of security cameras can help in protecting them legally. For example, if someone accuses you of negligence in a slip and fall accident, you can refer to the footage to exonerate yourself. Lawsuits can be expensive and damaging. Therefore, you need to take the necessary steps to protect yourself especially if your business experiences high traffic.

3.       Helps to Secure Your Neighborhood

Installing CCTV cameras is not only beneficial for your commercial and residential property but the entire neighborhood. Cameras installed outside retail stores and houses have helped in the arrests of criminals. While your house or business premise might not be a target, your neighbor’s property may be under threat. The footage from your surveillance camera can help the police to arrest suspects who might have been involved in the break-in of your neighbor’s property.

4.       Increase Your Business Output

The instant your staff knows that they are under surveillance, they will be able to work to their best. Moreover, incidences such as workplace theft can be reduced by simply installing security cameras.

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