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We have all of your CCTV, Surveillance, Solar Powered, Wireless Security Camera needs.

We provide Services for Chesterfield, Wildwood, O' Fallon, St. Louis, St. Charles, St. Peters, Wentzville, Warranton, Lincoln County, in MO. Eye Spy Electronics has over 20 years experience in the electronics field. We service about a 100 mile range of Saint Louis and Saint Charles Mo area. This depends on the scope of work. Please call if you have any questions about electronics and installation. Our goal is help deter criminals from sealing your equipment or vandalizing it, costing you money.

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Buy, Rent or Lease our total Solar Security Camera Solutions For a Construction Site

Do you have a mile long parking lot with no electric? Even though you may have parking lot lights, they are most likely on timers and will not work to power up security cameras. With our Solar Powered Security Cameras, we make each unit to fit your needs and wants. Rent or Lease our mobile security camera solar unit with generator backup option. We use a propane generator only!

Solar electric Following is some very general information about solar electric panels. The small stand alone systems that we offer will save on labor cost compared to running electric and data wires in conduit. The items in the kit are selected to match the power rating of the panels. ~A solar panel is basically a battery charger. When exposed to sunlight it produces DC current much like a common battery charger that runs off standard household 110 Volt current and charges a 12 volt car battery. The solar charge controller regulates the amount of energy that the panel puts into the battery. Once the battery is fully charged it opens the circuit to prevent damage caused by overcharging. When you use some of the stored energy, it automatically closes the circuit and starts to recharge the battery during sunlight hours. A panel alone can operate some DC items directly such as DC pond pump or 12volt DC fans without a battery or a controller. In this application the item would only run during sunlight hours. Solar panels are rated in watts. This tells you how many watts worth of power it process for each hour of sunlight. For example a 12 volt 15 watt panel averages about 15watts worth of power per hour of sunlight. If you have 8 hours of sun, it will put about 120 watt-hours into a discharged battery in one day. Multiple panels can be wired together in most cases. Common items in your home also have a wattage rating. This rating tells you how many watts the item uses each hour. For example a 60 watt light bulb will use 60 watts worth of power if it is left on for one hour. Batteries used in solar systems should be deep cycle type.

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Solar Powered Barrery Run Cameras Fixed Solar Surveillance Camera

Pan Tilt Zoom Solar Camera on Pole

Fixed Solar Camera Option

Solar Pole Mount Surveillance Fixed Solar Security Camera Pan Tilt Zoom Solar Camera

Battery and Solar Powered Pole mount Security Camera

Fixed Solar Powered CCTV Camera

Pan Tilt Zoom Total IP Security Camera

Solar Tow Behind Security Camera System

Buy, Rent or Lease this Solar Surveillance unit for Construction Sites

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Construction Sites: We have solar powered trailers with security cameras. While there are several options with these units. Solar Powered with battery backup. We can also use a generator to charge the batteries. On communication we can use wireless to send video data to your main office, we can also use a cellular unit. These units can also be monitored with a security alarm in case a criminal wants to dismember this equipment, Law enforcement would be dispatched.

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We are showing the equipment to our customers. These units are made to customers wants and needs. Some of these products are in our Online retail. We do sell some items Online, please visit our Online store with the button on right side of page to see what we offer if you only only looking to purchase and install yourself.

Please contact our team Eye Spy Electronics for all your Surveillance, CCTV, Remote Viewing, Solar Powered Security and Installation questions!