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We have all of your security camera needs covered in St. Louis/Saint Charles. We sell, install and repair many different types of cameras, surveillance and CCTV equipment.

Call us for a free estimate: we serve you where you are, and provide you with the best service possible. Let us show you our security camera systems.

Goevision IP PTZ Geovision Hybrid DVR Geovision PTZ Security Camera

Geovision IP PTZ Camera

Geovision Hybrid Digital Video Recorder

Geovision Pan Tilt Zoom

Geovision is a top of the line manufacture with products including: Analog Dome, Bullet, Vandal, Pan Tilt Zoom, Hidden Surveillance Cameras (CCTV).

Geovision offers a full line of video recorders including: Analog DVR, Hybrid DVR, GV Video Server.

Geovision offers a full line of IP Cameras: Mega Pixel, Dome, Bullet, Pan Tilt Zoom, Surveillance as well.

Using a hybrid camera and system, You can have a camera system that captures analog and digital solutions. This is your most cost-effective solution to improve your video surveillance monitoring. If you start your system with hybrid capability, you choose your most highest traffic area to add the IP camera and use the lower cost analog for the least important to keep your cost down. Now you have looked into the future. Down the road as long as you have added the correct DVR and cabling you can now upgrade to IP security camera solution with just the cost of the camera and some labor.

Let an expert advise you the best solution and cost for your situation and budget. Knowing the difference is where the experts come in handy.

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Below are some of the products we offer to our customer. We offer Axis, Bosch, Honeywell, Speco, Panasonic, Toshiba, Eyecom, Linear and many more CCTV, Analog, Digital IP Surveillance Security Cameras.

Bullet Surveillance Camera Dome CCTV Camera Pro Style Camera

Night Vision Bullet Cameras

Indoor Outdoor Dome Camera

Dual Voltage Pro Camera

Analog Pan Tilt Zoom CCTV Camera Board Mini Surveillance Camera Pro Security Camera Lens

PTZ Analog Camera Pan Tilt Zoom

Board Security Camera

Pro Camera Lens

Covert Surveillance Camera DVR Computer PCI Card CCTV Monitor

Covert Camera


CCTV Monitors

Portable DVR Surveillance Cameras Security Siamise Wire Security Camera Cable BNC crimp ends

Portable DVR

Security Camera Wire

BNC Connectors

CCTV Power Supply CCTV Mulit Plexer

CCTV Power Supply


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Differences between CCTV Surveillance Security Cameras

Dome could mount on a drop ceiling or on the side of a wall. The feature of this camera varies in price and size. The higher resolution the higher the cost. The further seeing distance for night time the more IR it would need. This also increases the cost. This comes in a vandal option as well. Recommend this where vandals hit the area most often. Not all dome are dual voltage. Some run on 12vdc only. Dome can come in IR for night vision and none IR. Please read specs on the camera you are looking at to meet your application.

Pan Tilt Zoom can be used indoor and outside. The option for a heater and a fan is almost a must with the moving parts. This vary in price for many reasons. This is what it says, it can pan tilt zoom. This works great in many locations, in many cases you can use one of these instead of 3 or 4 fixed cameras but they do cost more and use 24vac. The IP PTZ can be a power over Ethernet in most cases. This depends on the distance for the power supply.

Bullet can be used indoor and outside. It is sealed to protect against the elements. It can vary in price with night vision IR distance needed for the application. The lens can be fixed are adjustable. It can be mounted on a drop ceiling or on the side of a wall. This can be ordered with a heater if needed. Most applications in MO and the Midwest don't need the heater because there are no moving parts. Not all Bullet are night vision. Double check if this is something you need for your application.

Pro can be used indoor and outdoor. A housing must be used for outdoor usage. Most Pro are dual voltage 24vac and 12vdc but not all are that way. We suggest using the 24vac just in case a heater or fan is needed. Using the Pro indoor there is a risk of someone hurting the camera unless it is at least 10 foot of the ground. We suggest not using this indoor because it is not sealed and dust enters inside and can cause the over heater and or ruin the Pro.

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Improve peace of mind with some Security

Improve peace of mind As a homeowner or a Business owner, there is nothing more valuable than having utmost peace of mind in your own home and or your business. Wouldn’t you want to forget worrying about criminal activity in your community and spend time with your family and friends? Some security systems use IP cameras that may be viewed via a mobile app. This provides the best security for any homeowner or your business who knows how to prioritize his family and his property. The studies have shown that if a criminal notices a security alarm or surveillance camera they move on to the next home or business that may not have any security.

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Have a piece of mind for your home or business with Eye Spy Electronics. Please call or emails us for your security camera needs!