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We have all of your CCTV, Surveillance, Security-Fire Alarm Equipment needs for Children Care remote viewing for parents.

We provide Services for Chesterfield, Wildwood, O' Fallon, St. Louis, St. Charles, St. Peters, Wentzville, Warranton, Lincoln County, in MO. Eye Spy Electronics has over 20 years experience in the electronics field. We service about a 100 mile range of Saint Louis and Saint Charles Mo area. This depends on the scope of work. Please call if you have any questions about electronics and installation. Our goal is to handle all of your electronics needs and save you money on labor and monthly monitoring.

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You can grow your business with remote viewing for parents

Childcare Center Security Cameras, If you own or are employed by a child care center then you have probably noticed the newest trend in child care center safety, Childcare Center Security Cameras. You will see these cameras called, daycare cameras, daycare security cameras, daycare web cams, kiddie cams and much more! In this short article I will list some of the things that you should ask for when obtaining a daycare camera system for your center.

There are many types of security cameras that can be used in child care centers but there are certain things you need to look for to insure high quality video for your child care center.

Camera Specifications The following camera specifications will give very high quality video to your childcare center. Resolution: 520 TV Lines Color Camera Light Sensitivity: better than 0.3 Lux Auto-Iris lens (able to zoom in and out) Power: 12V DC Camera Housings If your childcare center wants to cover any outdoor areas make sure that the company who installs your camera system uses "outdoor housings". These housings will protect the cameras in all kinds of weather. Types of Cameras There are security cameras for every kind of setting.

Here are several types of surveillance cameras and their uses Dome Cameras - Used when you do not want the camera to be too obvious or intrusive Traditional Long Body Cameras - Used when you need to be able to zoom in and want the camera to be easily seen for extra security Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras - Used when you want to be able to move the camera from your computer.

If you are looking for a childcare center security camera system please consider using Eye Spy Electronics and More! offers their streaming daycare video system to child care centers! Please visit us at for more information or to sign up! Day Care Childcare Security Cameras.

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We are showing the equipment to our customers. Some of these products are in our Online retail. We do sell some items Online, please visit our Online store with the button on right side of page to see what we offer if you only only looking to purchase and install yourself.

Please contact our team Eye Spy Electronics for all your Surveillance, CCTV, Remote Viewing, Fire-Security Alarm Monitoring and Installation questions!