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DSC Wired, Wireless Home and Commercial Security Alarms Monitoring Sales, Service and Installation in St. Louis, St. Charles, O'Fallon, St. Peters, Wentzville, Troy, Missouri.

Call us for a free estimate: we serve you where you are, and provide you with the best service possible. Let us show you our burglar alarm systems.Our National Accounts Division handles all of the United States. Your Burglar Alarm Sales, Service and Professional Installation with 24/7 Monitoring In MO.

DSC 1832 Alarm Panel DSC 64 zone wireless security alarm DSC 9047 Wireless Alarm Kit

Burglar KIT32-POWER5 - DSC Power 1832 Security Hard Wired Kit

Digital Security Alarm KIT447-1CP01 - Digital Security Power Series 9047 Wireless Kit

DSC KIT447-12CP01NT - PowerSeries 9047 Wireless Kit

Digital Security Offers a very advanced burglar alarm with serveral options for 24/7 monitoring. This manufacturer offers wireless and wired with an option gor a hybrid system.

WT-5550 DSC Wireless keypad DSC Wired 5500 keypad DSC Digital Security Wireless key fob

DSC Security PK5500 - DSC Custom English LCD Keypad

DSC Security RFK5501 - DSC Hybrid 64 Zone Wireless Fixed LCD Keypad

DSC Security WS4969 - DSC 4-Button Flashlight Key Fob

DSC burglar alarm sticky contact doors and windows DSC Wireless door contact DSC Wired Glass Break

DSC Burglar Alarm BS-2021 - Mini Stick-On contact with flange

DSC Security Alarm BV600 Bravo 6 Dual Lens Motion Detector

DSC Alarm AC100 Acuity Glassbreak Sensor

DSC overhead door contact DSC Mini window contact Wireless door contact DSC

DSC-3011 - Overhead and Garage Door Contact

DSC Security Alarm BR-1060 - Mini Disc Tight Fit Contact and Magnet

DSC Security Alarm BV300DP Bravo 3 Digital Motion Detector

DSC Burglar Wired Motion DSC Bravo Wired Motion DSC Wireless Indoor Motion

Burglar BV300DP Bravo 3 Digital Motion Detector

Burglar BV600 Bravo 6 Dual Lens Motion Detector

Alarm WLS914-433 - DSC Wireless Pet-Immune Infrared

Wired Heat and Smoke DSC detector Wireless heat smoke detector dsc Panic Burglar Alarm DSC

DSC System Sensor 4W-B Wire Smoke Detector

DSC WS4916 Wireless Smoke Detector


DSC outdoor Siren Burglar alarm DSC Cellular communicator DSC water flood sensor

Burglar Alarm Outdoor Sirens

Burglar Alarm Wireless Alarm Communicator

Burglar Alarm Flood Water Sensor

Have a piece of mind for your home or business with Eye Spy Electronics. Please call or emails us for your security alarm needs!

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