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Structured Cabling is defined as building or
campus telecommunications cabling
infrastructure that consists of a number of
standardized smaller elements (hence
structured) called subsystems.Structured
cabling falls into the following six

Entrance Facilities is where the building
interfaces with the outside world.
Equipment Rooms host equipment which
serves the users inside the building.
Telecommunications Rooms are where
various telecommunications and data
equipment resides, connecting the
backbone and horizontal cabling
Backbone Cabling as the name suggests
carries the signals between the entrance
facilities, equipment rooms and
telecommunications rooms.
Horizontal Cabling is the wiring from
telecommunications rooms to the individual
outlets on the floor.
Work-Area Components connect end-user
equipment to the outlets of the horizontal
cabling system.
St. Louis Commercial Structured Voice/Data Network/Cabling
We can help plan and review wiring
infrastructure and create a stable
and efficient foundation for your
network and phone system.
Many companies only perform
selected jobs, such as running
cable, but are unable to complete
the whole job — often requiring you
to hire several companies for
cabling, connecting jacks or
connecting to equipment. Sunrize
Communications can perform every
part of the job for computer and
phone wiring. You deal with a single
company, avoiding delays,
confusion and extra expense. Eye
Spy Electronics and More LLC
Communications provides
customized structured cabling plans
with the ability to expand, upgrade
and reconfigure your wiring needs
to meet current and future business
Structured cabling design and
installation is governed by a set of
standards that determine how to wire a
data center, office or apartment building
for data or voice communications, using
Category 5(CAT 5E) or Category 6 cable
(CAT 6E) and modular sockets. These
standards define how to lay the cabling
in a star formation, such that all outlets
terminate at a central patch panel (which
is normally 19 inch rack-mounted), from
where it can be determined exactly how
these connections will be used. Each
outlet can be ‘patched’ into a data
network switch (normally also rack
mounted alongside), or patched into a
‘telecoms patch panel’ which forms a
bridge into a private branch exchange
(PBX) telephone system, thus making
the connection a voice port
Structured voice / data network cabling sales, service and installation St. Louis/St.
Charles, Data Cabling Installation,  Systems. Provided by Eye Spy Electronics and
More LLC in St. Louis, St. Charles, O'Fallon MIssouri, Illinois and more!
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Category-6. We will design, install and warranty a Cabling System specifically Eye
We will design, install and warranty a Cabling System specifically designed to meet
your individual requirements. We offer the services of a certified BICSI, RCDD -
Registered Communications Distribution Designer. Licensed,Insured & Bonded

Fiber Optics

We install Fiber Optic Cabling in the Riser and Network. Our products include Multi-
Mode, Single Mode and associated Fiber Optic Termination hardware and
connectors, SC, ST & LC. We can test, trouble shoot and repair your existing
network with the latest testing technologies. Tens of thousands of terminations and
splicing over the years allow us to install your fiber optic network quickly and cost

Coax Cabling

Eye Spy Electronics installs Coaxial Cabling for Cable TV, Video Conferencing,
Surveillance Security Systems and High Speed Data Networks, RG58, RG59, RG59-
U, RG-6.

Eye Spy Electronics is an authorized dealer for the full line of Security Camera’s and
DVR systems offered by Speco, Sony, Panasonic, and many others.  Power over
ethernet cameras can be installed virtually anywhere and viewed online!
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