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We have all of your Aiphone Intercom equipment needs!

The AX Series supports up to 8 interior master stations and 120 door or interior stations. All components can be wired using CAT-5 cable. A wide variety of system components are available to meet almost any specification.

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Aiphone AX-8MV Aiphone Master

Aiphone AX-8MV Intercom

Aiphone AX-084C Master

Aiphone AX-248C Master

The AX Series is great for all security applications. This series comes with a software that can be loaded on a computer for front door release! Program for the door to be open for 2 hours then go to the locked position. This is strongly recommended for a School or College building for the front door. You may program as you wish to meet your security needs!

Aiphone Video and Voice Door Station Image Aiphone video door station Aiphone Door Station

AX-DV Door Station

AX-DVF Door Station

IE-SS Door Station

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We have all of your Aiphone JF Series Hands Free Intercoms!

The JF Series hands-free color video enhanced system will support 2 video door stations and 3 inside monitor stations. With built in picture memory, the system can be set to record automatically when a visitor calls, or the record can be done manually by the user.

JFhands free  Door Camera Intercom

JF-2MED Door Station

JF-DA Camera Door Station

JF-DV Video and Audio Door Station

JFS-2AED Door Station

JFS-2AEDF Door Station

JFS-2AEDV Door Station




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With Aiphone you are working with top of the line equipment. We recommend this product with no hesitation.